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Precinct Committees: The Party's True Power

TrueBlueGrassRoots Revolution Restoring the Voice of the People of Each Neighborhood PRECINCT : A subdivision of a city or town for t...

Down Ballots Do More for YOU

We all know (all to much) about Clinton & Trump
Maybe even a bit about Jill Stein or Gary Johnson

But what about... 

The Local Candidates? 

A common misconception is that the lower the name is on the ballot, the less important the office. The truth is that the "Down Ballot" or Local Candidates actually have a great deal more influence on our day-to-day life. They are the ones that tackle the issues we're facing right here in Daviess County.
So if you vote for Down Ballot Candidates simply based on how their name sounds, it could have disastrous effects that literally hit close to home. 

So be sure to download a Sample Ballot from the links section on the right, and do a little research. You never know how many pot-holes or nasty custody disputes you might prevent.

Hot Tips To Rock the Ballot Box from We the Voters on Vimeo.
Everyone’s pumped for the presidential election. Or maybe not. But did you know there are dozens of other people and referendums lower down on the ballot?! Our vlogger gives you the 411 on state and local elections. Starring Grace Helbig.

Produced by: Albacore Club

Vloggergirl76: Grace Helbig