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Precinct Committees: The Party's True Power

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Our State House Representatives

One of the most essential necessities of this election for us here in Kentucky is to keep the State House of Representatives in the hands of Democrats! The Republicans already have the State Senate, so we absolutely can't let them steal the House, because that would give our entire Commonwealth in to the hands of a man who emphatically called for blood if Hillary Clinton wins! And, no, I'm not talking about Trump! I'm talking about our very own Governor, Matt Bevin!

Therefore, depending on which State House District you live in, you will have the opportunity to vote for either Rep. Jim Glenn (Owensboro), Rep. David Watkins (NW Daviess Co.), Joy Gray (W Daviess Co.), Jim Townsend (SW Daviess Co.), or Rep. Tommy Thompson (East Daviess Co.) whose video is included below.

Proud of our new POSITIVE television commercial that begins airing today.
Posted by Representative Tommy Thompson on Friday, October 28, 2016