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Precinct Committees: The Party's True Power

TrueBlueGrassRoots Revolution Restoring the Voice of the People of Each Neighborhood PRECINCT : A subdivision of a city or town for t...


Click on the link above to view a sample ballot including every political election taking place in every district in Daviess County. 

Do note, however, that when you arrive at your polling location, your ballot will be customized to the district in which you live, meaning that you will only be presented with the candidates running for office in your specific location. Take for example those running for State House Representative. If you live within the city of Owensboro, you would vote for Rep. Jim Glenn (or DJ Johnson if you're Republican) because you live in House District #13, and you can only vote for the House District in which you live.

Therefore I highly encourage everyone to download a copy and take some time to research the candidates so that once you arrive at the poles, you will be able to make a well informed decision in every election.
By the way, if you think the Presidential Election is just between 2 or 3 Candidates, wait till you see how many there really are!